<![CDATA[ARGYLE YARN SHOP - BLOG]]>Thu, 15 Feb 2018 13:38:23 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Swift Yarns]]>Sat, 10 Feb 2018 18:17:15 GMThttp://argyleyarnshop.com/blog/swift-yarnsWelcome to Argyle, Swift Yarns!
Beautiful, inventive yarns dyed right here in New York City!
Here at Argyle, we are very happy to announce the most recent addition to our shop:
​NYC's very own Swift Yarns!
If you love color in your project, then you are in the right place. Swift Yarns is all about the love of colors!
They love colors that are bright, bold and rich. Colors that will make every project extra special.  
Their yarns are designed to work well with each other to ensure every project looks as beautiful as you imagined.
​Add a little Swift to your stash and bring some extra color to your projects!

Here's how Carol, the founder of Swift Yarns, describes their dyeing process:
​"We are proud of the love and care that goes into each skein of yarn here at Swift Yarns.  We use professional low impact acid dyes and a variety of immersion and low immersion techniques to create our repeatable and special edition yarn colors.

​"Our yarns are dyed two at a time to ensure consistency in the skeins, which is why we do not have any dye lots.  We dye the yarns to exhaustion and then rinse the yarns.  We do not use any wool washes as many contain some herbal additives or chemicals that may cause allergic reactions in some individuals."
Check out all of our colors of Swift Yarns on our web store, or come join us to see them in person!
<![CDATA[Qing Fibre]]>Sat, 21 Oct 2017 20:02:50 GMThttp://argyleyarnshop.com/blog/qing-fibreWelcome to Argyle, Qing Fibre!
The vivid and vivacious colors of London's own Qing Fibre.

At Argyle, we are proud to now stock Qing Fibre's Super Soft Sock yarn, which is a blend of fine merino and cashmere.

This is the yarn that Stephen West has featured twice this year alone in his patterns: The Smock It!, and last month's Westknits Mystery Shawl Knit-Along Speckle & Pop!

Qing Fibre feels amazing to the touch and is dyed in inventive combinations that capture the imagination.

Vibrant and happy colors! 

Qing Fibre is the creation of independent dyer Layla Qing. Raised in Beijing surrounded by traditional folk crafts, she now resides in London where she combines unexpected colors from ethically sourced Peruvian wool and cashmere.

​From spirited, animated brights to the intriguing darkest shades, she hopes to inspire people with her love of color.

​Here's a few yarn color pairings of Qing Fibre we love!

The first flights are: Miss Bim and Underwater,
Spin Me Round & Electronics,
Pangolin and Elderwood,
and Smiler and Siren.

And here is
Shibuya and Narwal,
Berry Milkshake and Salt,
Frost and Gelateria,
and Ibiza Breeze and Soft Grey.
<![CDATA[Barnyard Knits]]>Sat, 14 Oct 2017 22:47:24 GMThttp://argyleyarnshop.com/blog/barnyard-knitsWelcome to Argyle, Barnyard Knits!
Discover the subtle beauty of Barnyard Knits.

At Argyle, we try to listen to our guests' suggestions when they've discovered what they believe is the next new, up-and-coming hand dyer.

The latest to catch the eyes of some of our friends are the truly beautiful skeins from Barnyard Knits.

Soothing yet resonant color ways. . . 
Skeins capturing the spirit of nature. . . 

Just look at the lovely lineup of Barnyard Knits' colors!

The names of the colors are as evocative as the shades themselves, such as "A Walk in the Woods," "October Wind," and "Shipwreck."

The four colors left, clockwise, are: "Winterberry," "Soho," "Rosebud," and "Faded Farmhouse."

Barnyard has a unique and distinctive sensibility. Their delicate color palette is more ethereal than the neons of other speckled hand dyers. It is gentle and harmonious, while at the same time inventive and surprising.

​Here are the colors "Luxe," "October Wind," "Shipwreck,"  and "Autumn."

Here are a few pairings of Barnyard Knits colors that we're really pleased with.

Here are eight of the 22 colors we now have in stock.
Clockwise it's Fantasy and Soho, Antique Pottery and Plum Blossom,
Cashmere and Monarch Meadow,
and Birch and Rosebud.

​Here's another round:
Clockwise, it's Loft and Luxe, Winterberry and Barnwood, Steampunk and Acorn, and Autumn and October Wind.

​And here's
Rosebud and Sweet Juliet,
Stone Harbor and Shipwreck, Walk in the Woods and Song of the Sirens,
​and Faded Farmhouse.
<![CDATA[Woolen Boon]]>Sun, 08 Oct 2017 17:48:12 GMThttp://argyleyarnshop.com/blog/woolen-boonWoolen Boon's unique hand-dyed yarns are a feast for the eyes.

Since we first started stocking their yarns last month, we at Argyle have been delighted by our experience with Woolen Boon and their yarns. Woolen Boon is a little family-run yarn company, the husband-and-wife team of Sonya and Ryan who hand-dye yarn together in their small studio and shop in Concord, New Hampshire.


​With names like "Super Cool Party People," "I Love Lisa Frank," "Platypus Prime," and "Giant Jawbreaker," the colors are as adventuresome, playful, and inspiring as you'd hope. 

If you're too far away to feast your eyes in person, we have Woolen Boon available on our web store right now!

​Looking at these two lineups you can see that Woolen Boon has a unique, sophisticated eye for color. They have the feel and look of yarns that are on point for the modern knitter, but also an individual character that stands out and has its own voice and spirit.

Woolen Boon is the yarn dyer that Andrea Mowry chose next for her new project, the So Faded sweater, after the success of her Find Your Fade shawl using Hedgehog Fibres. 
We were pretty lucky this September. We were worried if an order of yarn we had placed would ship in time for the NYC Yarn Crawl.
​Sonya and Ryan had the perfect solution: Since they would be driving through New York on a family road trip the day before, they could just drop the shipment off in person!
They were kind enough to stay for a while to meet with and answer questions from some of their local fans.
Here's Sonya and Esther showcasing the new lineup of Woolen Boon on Argyle's wall.

​We were also honored to have Sonya dye for the event a limited-edition, custom-designed color exclusive to Argyle Yarn Shop.

Here it is, the beautiful Mardi Gras!

We are so delighted with it! Although this first run went fast, we certainly hope to get our hands more skeins before too long. It's so complex, yet balanced; aquatic seafoam over a creamy base, with a punch of purple and the texture of amber speckles.
<![CDATA[What the Fade?! knit-along]]>Sat, 26 Aug 2017 16:52:39 GMThttp://argyleyarnshop.com/blog/what-the-fade-knit-alongWe're joining with Brooklyn General for another knit-along!
A new collaborative knit-along for fall.

The summer "Brooklyn Blossom" knit-along was so much fun we've decided to partner once more with Catherine of Brooklyn General Store to bring you a new series of knit-along parties for the fall. 

This time the featured pattern is a "mystery" knit-along called "What the Fade?!" by Andrea Mowry, the rising star famous for the immensely popular "Find Your Fade" shawl. 

What's a Mystery Knit-Along? 

A knit-along is when a community of knitters decides to all work on the same project at the same time, helping, teaching, and encouraging each other as they go. 

In a mystery KAL, the knitting pattern is broken down in "clues." Clues are small sections of the pattern released one at a time on a set schedule, and the participants do not even know what they are knitting while they work the clue (i.e. there are no photos). But with a talent like Mowry you know it's got to be gorgeous!

Mowry's patterns are modern classics. . . 
Gather yarns for your favorite fade!

The first clue drops on August 31st, so you have plenty of time to visit Argyle or Brooklyn General to choose the six colors of yarn you'll use for this knit-along. Andrea Mowry used Hedgehog Fibres, which we have here at Argyle in both the Skinny Singles and the Sock yarn, but any fingering-weight yarn you love will fit the bill.

The pics above are of Mowry's recent designs. When you purchase the pattern online for "What the Fade?!" the first thing you'll receive is a welcome video. Then, the pattern will be revealed to you in sections between 8/31 and 10/12. Check out Andrea's Ravelry group to see pictures of other knitter's fade ideas.

Knit-Along Parties!
Brooklyn General and Argyle will once again be taking turns hosting everyone on Tuesdays for casual meet-ups so we can work on the "What the Fade?!" together as a group. We'd love to see photos of your work posted on Instagram (from start to finish!). 
It's casual and free to attend, but we do ask that if you're planning on coming please RSVP because seating is limited.

Note that the first night of the "What the Fade" KAL doubles as the wrap party for the Brooklyn Blossom. So if you joined us for the Brooklyn Blossom KAL, make sure to bring your finished shawl so we can all admire each other's creations! 

Here's the knitting party calendar:

September 5th: BGS 6-8 PM. Please RSVP here.
It's also the Brooklyn Blossom Wrap party!
September 12th: Argyle 6-8 PM. Please RSVP here.
September 19th: BGS 6-8 PM
September 26th: Argyle 6-8 PM. Please RSVP here.
October 10th: BGS 6-8 PM.
October 17th: Argyle 6-8 PM. Please RSVP here.

So many Fade possibilities. . . 
Folks have already been selecting their six colors for the mystery knit-along. Above are a few combinations we've put together ourselves for inspiration. 
<![CDATA[Brooklyn KAL]]>Fri, 30 Jun 2017 02:52:53 GMThttp://argyleyarnshop.com/blog/brooklyn-kal
Announcing our first annual Summer Brooklyn Knit-Along!
This summer we have teamed up with Catherine of Brooklyn General Store to bring you all a very special Knit-Along. Designer Kirsten Kapur of "Through the Loops" has custom-created this stunning shawl for Argyle and Brooklyn General, and we've named it "Brooklyn Blossom."

The Knit-Along kicks off today, June 30th, and the printed pattern is available at both Brooklyn General and Argyle Yarn Shop. Care to join us from abroad? Folks across the country are joining in! Check out a special page for the Knit-Along on our web store for links to the 
pattern, project bag, and yarn recommendations.
What's a Knit-Along? 
A Knit-Along is when a community of knitters decides to all work on the same project at the same time, helping, teaching, and encouraging each other as they go. 
Argyle and Brooklyn General will take turns hosting knitting parties on Tuesday evenings, plus we're throwing a "Brooklyn Blossom" contest with three chances to win a prize!

The Brooklyn Blossom shawl
Here is the Brooklyn Blossom in all its glory!

The shawl is a joyful asymmetrical triangle with several textures in an easy to follow pattern that is perfect for summer relaxation in the sun. A breeze to knit, it highlights the vibrant and luxurious quality of hand dyed yarn and allows makers to create their own color combinations to enhance, contrast or subdue as desired.

Recommended Yarn: Any fingering weight you desire.  
Yardage: Color A 378 yds, Color B 378 yds, Color C 200 yards
Size 6 32" circular needle.

Enter the Contest​

To add to the fun we've decided to co-host a contest.
(If you'd just like to join us for the Knit-Along, no worries! You'll just need to grab the pattern and some fingering yarn and start knitting).

But if you'd like to enter the contest, here's the rules:

  •  Follow both Argyle Yarn Shop and Brooklyn General Store on Instagram.
  •  Participants must purchase the three skeins required to make the shawl from either BGS or Argyle.
   Knit and complete at least one Brooklyn Blossom shawl between 7/1/2017 and 9/1/2017. You may enter as many Brooklyn Blossom shawls in the contest as you like.
   When you are finished, tag your finished photo with #BklynKALcontest2017
   Winners will be chosen on 9/5/2017 based on the number of "likes" they get on Instagram. If  you are not on Instagram, just send us your photo and we will post it for you via either info@brooklyngeneralstore.com or info@argyleyarnshop.com .
  • Prizes:  1st place: $50 gift certificate (25 to BGS and 25 to Argyle), 
  • 2nd Place: $30 gift certificate ($15 to BGS and $15 to Argyle), 
  • 3rd Place: Free custom-designed "Brooklyn KAL" project bag.

Knit-Along parties!
Brooklyn General and Argyle will be taking turns hosting everyone on Tuesdays for casual meet-ups so we can work on the "Brooklyn Blossom" together as a group. We'd love to see photos of your work posted on Instagram (from start to finish!). Please tag your project with #BklynKAL2017

Here's the party schedule!

July 11th: Argyle 6-8 PM
July 18th Brooklyn General 6-8 PM. RSVP here!
July 25th: Argyle 6-8 PM. RSVP here!
August 1st: Brooklyn General 6-8 PM
August 8th: Argyle 6-8 PM

Final Wrap Party... 
Brooklyn General, September 5th 6-8 PM. Hooray!
<![CDATA[Arroyo]]>Mon, 05 Jun 2017 17:35:10 GMThttp://argyleyarnshop.com/blog/arroyoArroyo, by Malabrigo
Let's have a look today at Arroyo, by Malabrigo.

Arroyo is a
 soft and sturdy plied sport-weight yarn that has become a favorite among knitters! It’s perfect for those everyday lightweight (but warm) garments, and the superwash wool means it’s easy to take care of. The plies help resist pilling and washability makes it fantastic for frequently-worn garments, and since it’s super soft and great for next-to-the-skin wear it's perfect for children and baby clothes.
Many are familiar with its bigger sister, the worsted weight Rios. The essential difference between these two yarns is their thickness. While the Rios is right in the middle of weights, the Arroyo is a bit thinner, which is perfect for summer evenings. While Rios means "rivers" in Spanish, Arroyo means "creek!"

​Many talented designers have used Arroyo for inspiration in their sport-weight patterns.
Here is the Doo Wop by Lisa Hannes. Big colour blocks, garter stripes and a graphic mosaic motif create a fascinating interplay of 3 colours & different textures in this eyecatching triangular shawl. Some tassels at the tips give this item a fun finish.

A scalloping cowl lets you hang on to the days on the beach even in stormy weathers.

Scalloping, by Mia Rinde, is a cowl adjustable in length and width. It has a cute shell pattern made from twisted stitches, yarn overs and decreases and a few intense but beautiful wrapped stitches.

Malabrigo is a family-owned yarn company located in Uruguay and they have developed a line of hand-dyed yarns of more than 300 wonderful color variations which are inspired by nature, landscapes, places, art and everyday life.

In the Flowing Hat and Mittens by Mone Drager, twisted single rib cables that seem to swing to and fro in a rhythmic way remind you of waves caused by the current in a stream. This is a great unisex pattern with a snug and super cosy fit.
Below are the Torrential Mitts by Sarah Abram. These sideways-knit mitts, when worked in hand-dyed, variegated yarn like Arroyo, give the illusion of paint dripping down your arms, while still boasting a sweet picot detail.
And lastly, here's the Askews Me Shawl by Stephen West. This top-down shawl is knit in two-color brioche stitch. The asymmetrical shape features half of a chevron that slants the ribbing to one side.

​Note how this sample is done in black and white and despite Malabrigo's fame for their color, Arroyo was still chosen, which seems a testament to this yarn's fundamental high quality of construction and ease to work with.

The Stats:
Arroyo, by Malabrigo
100% Superwash merino wool
Sport weight
20-22 sts  = 4" (10cm)
Machine wash gentle, cold water. Do not tumble.
<![CDATA[Westknits event]]>Fri, 26 May 2017 16:12:29 GMThttp://argyleyarnshop.com/blog/westknits-eventThanks to everyone who joined us for an evening with Stephen West!
This past Sunday we were thrilled to get a chance not only to meet but to host the legendary designer Stephen West for an al-day event right here at Argyle. The afternoon kicked off with a terrific three-hour workshop based on his gorgeous new shawl, "Marled Magic," which just came out last month as one of his popular Mystery Knit-Alongs. 

We had such a good time learning tricks for combining multiple yarns, experimenting with holding two strands of yarn together to create fabrics that look like painted works of art. Check out the heaps of brightly colored skinny yarn everyone brought to choose from! 

Stephen not only discussed technique with us, but the concepts of pattern design and color theory. Unsurprisingly, everyone brought some pretty radiant color choices to work with, as well as fluffy silk mohair. Here, a student admires Stephen's own Building Blocks Shawl, made from the speckles and fluorescence of Hedgehog Fibres

Later in the evening, Stephen rejoined us for a book signing featuring his latest, "Westknits Bestknits Number 1."
This new book is a collection of 13 popular Westknits designs by Stephen West filled with inspiring photos.
You didn't really think Stephen would let himself get trapped behind a desk, did you? Here he is making the rounds as he signs books and filling us in on the origin stories behind each of his inspired creations like the Eyeball Shawl

Here, Elaine got a chance to rock Stephen's own Marled Magic Sweater & Dress!
And here we are, Esther and David with Stephen. Can't blame us for wanting to steal a quick photo op! Stephen was incredibly generous to both the students and to our guests who visited for the book signing. It was a wonderful experience and I know we all hope he may join us again sometime on his next trip through Brooklyn. 
​See you all soon!

<![CDATA[A Westknits event]]>Sat, 06 May 2017 20:53:58 GMThttp://argyleyarnshop.com/blog/a-westknits-eventStephen West is coming to Argyle Yarn Shop!
Join us on Sunday, May 21st to meet acclaimed designer Stephen West!

Stephen West's simple clean designs have now been knitted by thousands of knitters all around the world. His shawl designs and innovative colorwork have helped him become a widely recognized and respected designer.

We're fortunate enough to be hosting two events with him that day:

From 1:00-4:00 PM, he'll be teaching the "Marled Magic Workshop." This class is sure to be hit, and seating is limited. You can learn more right here.

Book Signing:
Then, from 5:00-7:00, he'll rejoin us for a book signing of his latest collection, "Westknits Bestknits." This part of the evening is free to attend, but please RSVP to let us know you're coming.

Stephen has taught highly popular workshops at yarn shops throughout the United States as well as internationally in Iceland, Scandinavia, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

We're very excited to have him join us, and we hope you'll be able to attend!
The Marled Magic Workshop

Stephen will be teaching a workshop based on his gorgeous new shawl, "Marled Magic," which just came out last month as one of his popular Mystery Knit-Alongs.

Come experience the colorful world of Westknits and learn all about Stephen's marled tricks for combining multiple yarns. We will experiment with holding 2 strands of yarn together to create fabrics that look like painted works of art.

Marled Magic Workshop with Stephen West: 
May 21st1:00-4:00 PM. $125

Learn more about it, or register online, right here.

Book Signing for Westknits Bestknits 

Hooray! Stephen West will be joining us on Sunday, May 21st from 5:00-7:00 for a book signing featuring his latest, "Westknits Bestknits Number 1."
This new book is a collection of 13 popular Westknits designs by Stephen West filled with inspiring photos. 

Includes lots of favorites!
Exploration Station - Dotted Rays - The Doodler - Vertices Unite - Striped Bolting - Starburst - Color Craving - Askews Me Shawl - Knit 'n Slide - Smooth Move - Boardwalk - Holey Chevrons - and Briochevron Wrap

This part of the event is free and open to the public, but please RSVP. We hope to see you there!
<![CDATA[Zooey]]>Tue, 28 Mar 2017 19:49:39 GMThttp://argyleyarnshop.com/blog/zooeyZooey, by Juniper Moon Farm
Last summer we had such a great response to Juniper Moon's yarn Zooey Aran we knew we had to try its skinnier DK sister, simply named "Zooey."

This cool, breathable blend of cotton and linen joins other yarns from Juniper Moon that are great for warmer weather, like the cotton Neve and silky Findley.

Drapey, breezy, and extra soft, its subtle thick-and-thin texture and natural, earthy color palette combine to make you think instantly of a day at the beach. Plus, it can go right in the washing machine and really softens up even more when it comes out.

We've already had a chance to test drive our new colors of Zooey here at Argyle.

Here is Kate's latest, which we have on display right now here in the shop: The Cancun Lace Boxy Top pattern by Erin Kate Archer, knitted out of the color "Taro."

You can see how the linen content gives it such great stitch definition, and is a breezy modern and sophisticated option for so many tops and tanks.
Let's check out some designs below from Juniper Moon's own design team, created specially for Zooey:
First up is the River Falls Cardigan: 
Femininity can be fabulous! A ribbon tie at the empire waist sets off a cascading lace bottom, echoed in the sleeves.
Next is the Rock Springs Wrap; the unusual combination of mesh lace with color blocking creates a soft, modern piece whose subtlety is stunning.
The Catalan is worked sideways with increases and decreases to form a shallow triangular shawl shape.
Lastly, the Argonic Dress is worked in the round from the bottom up, with princess darts to shape the waist. The front and back are separated and worked flat for the armholes, then the sleeves are worked seamlessly in the round.
When the nights are too hot to want the warm feel of wool across your lap or between your fingers, you don't have to give up on something you love. Give a cool, breathable linen and cotton blend like Zooey a chance.
The Stats:
Zooey, by Juniper Moon Farm
60% Cotton/40% Linen
DK weight